Storemill was our in-house e-commerce platform, which went through a number of versions over the years.

It featured comprehensive functionality for the time and a built-in scripting engine.

These days there are a plethora of excellent cloud-based e-commerce platforms and so Storemill was gracefully retired some years ago.


  • Custom product/SKU fields
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Hierarchical categories
  • Associated products
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Multiple images per product
  • Multiple SKUs per product
  • Multiple languages per product
  • Multiple currencies per product
  • Multiple product types
  • Stock availability
  • Incremental search


  • Edit customer details
  • Manually add customers
  • Customer service notes
  • Incremental search

Traffic Reporting

  • Accurate traffic logging
  • Bots ignored automatically
  • Visitors by country
  • Visitors by page
  • Visitors by keywords
  • Visitors by referer
  • Visitors by ip address
  • Visitors by browser


  • Multiple domain names
  • Domain name redirection
  • Password protect website
  • Languages, currencies, countries
  • Multiple shipping/tax rules
  • Payment gateway settings
  • Option to use own mail server

User Accounts

  • Multiple user accounts per store
  • Add, edit or remove users
  • User types: admin, super user


  • Automatic order notification
  • Automatic despatch notification
  • Customer service notes
  • Part-despatch support
  • Return tracking
  • Despatch status
  • Payment status
  • Order status
  • Bulk email
  • Sales reporting
  • Incremental search
  • Transaction log

Pages and Articles

  • Add, edit and remove pages
  • Add, edit and remove menu items
  • Menu item reordering
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Article feeds for news and blogs
  • Automatically generated RSS feeds


  • Send email to multiple customers
  • Built-in opt-out mechanism
  • Import email addresses
  • Multiple email campaigns
  • Background queuing / sending
  • Custom email templates


  • Fully customisable store theme
  • Powerful built-in scripting engine
  • Comprehensive Storemill API
  • Create completely bespoke stores
  • Theme exporter/importer
  • File browser with upload/edit
  • Edit code directly in the CMS
  • Support for page 'templates'
  • Support for server-side includes
  • Support for editable menus
  • Custom email templates
  • Choose which pages are editable
  • Create multiple editable menus
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