Analytics3D 1.0.1

26th June 2013

We have released an update for Analytics3D.

  • Added support for sharing reports to Facebook, Twitter, Mail and more (iOS 6+).
  • Reports: Property name now displayed at the top of the display.
  • Pie Tunnel: Improved colour aligment when looking back through time.
  • Pie Tunnel: Past rings now automatically and independently rotate.
  • Pie Tunnel: Improved lighting and brighter colours.
  • Traffic: Now displays visits rather than visitors.
  • Traffic: Fixed an inconsistency between day, month and year modes.
  • Traffic: Fixed a bug in day mode whereby ghost traffic sometimes appeared just after midnight.
  • Traffic: Lower label text now displayed as singular rather than plural if only one visit.
  • Location: Now possible to zoom out further when viewing the earth.
  • Location: Set a more logical default earth rotation.
  • Added a version history section to the info screen.

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